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Question By Question Game

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Question By Question Game

Post by Goku on Sat May 30, 2009 3:24 pm

Questions is a game which is played by asking questions.

Play begins when the first player serves by asking a question
(often "Would you like to play questions?").
The second player must respond to the question with another question
(e.g. "How do you play that?").
Each player must quickly continue the conversation by using only questions -- no hesitation, statements, or non sequiturs.


* statement: player fails to reply with an actual question
* hesitation: player takes too long to reply or grunts or makes a false start
* repetition: player asks a questions identical to or synonymous with one already asked this game

Not Answering the question with an unrelated question to above

Full Example Of Game To Make It Easiest

R: We could play at questions.
G: What good would that do?
R: Practice!
G: Statement! One - warning
R: Cheating!
G: How?
R: I hadn't started yet.
G: Statement. Tsecond - warnings.
R: Are you counting that?
G: What?
R: Are you counting that?
G: Foul! No repetitions. Third - warning.

ok i will start the game

who would like to answer my question??


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